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Abel 9/10N La Reel with Musky Finish
Item # 500729

NEW! ABEL SUPER 9/10N LA REEL with MUSKY FINISH - The new Abel 2015 Musky finish has arrived! This 9/10N Large Arbor Reel will hold up to 175-yds of 30-pound backing with a 10-weight line. 4.22-inch diameter, weighs 6.8-ounces. Serial #8090.
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Abel Super 6N Reel with Smallmouth Finish
Item # 500890

NEW! ABEL SUPER 6N LA REEL with SMALLMOUTH FINISH - The new Abel 2015 Smallmouth finish has arrived! This 6N Large Arbor Reel will hold up to 150-yds of 20-pound backing with a 6-weight line. 3.650-inch diameter, weighs 5.6-ounces. Serial #2102.
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Abel 'SD' Sealed Drag Fly Reel
Item # AB107

NEW! ABEL 'SD' SEALED-DRAG FLY REELS feature a lightweight, maintenance-free, fully enclosed drag mechanism. A collaborative effort with Oregon reel designer Joe Saracione, the drag consists of "stacked" multi-discs of prime grade machined aluminum and Rulon with ay gasket seal that completely locks out moisture. Incredibly low startup inertia to protect fine tippets, with plenty of power to tame the fastest running game fish. These reels are impeccably machined from bar stock aluminum and hard anodized. Standard color is Gloss-Black, custom colors and Artistic finishes are available with upcharge. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty.
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Bauer 'RX' Rogue Extreme Fly Reel
Item # BU104

NEW! BAUER 'RX' ROGUE EXTREME LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - These next-generation Rogue Reels are built on an entirely new platform featuring an open, contemporary aesthetic. These reels are lighter weight than the original Rogue, with a beefed up sealed drag system that incorporates multiple carbon fiber discs which are engaged by Bauer's patented, non-corrosive Zero-Backlash clutch. With double the drag of the original Rogue, the RX delivers silky smooth performance at all settings and in all conditions - no maintenance required. Fully machined from bar-stock aluminum, all frames are anodized Jet-Black with your choice of anodized Jet-Black, Pearl-Grey or Titanium Spool. Saltwater safe. Made in USA. Lifetime guarantee.
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Douglas 'Argus' Traditional Fly Reels
Item # DG200

INTRODUCING: DOUGLAS "ARGUS" TRADITIONAL FLY REELS - The Argus Reel is a tried and true American product, hand produced in upstate NY. Argus is machined from bar-stock 6061 aluminum, and features a standard arbor, reversible click check with rim-positioned adjustment, Marine Brass foot, and beautiful steely-grey anodized finish with a subtle, laser-textured palming rim. A gorgeous reel worthy of being matched with both classic and contemporary fly rods. Made in USA. Lifetime guarantee.
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Lamson Guru Ii Fly Reels
Item # LA094

NEW! LAMSON GURU II SERIES LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS take on a whole new design for 2016. This redefined Guru II is everything we loved about Guru with enhanced features, including increased diameters for better retrieve rates, curved arbors, larger porting to reduce weight and improve line drying, integrated counterbalance and a curved cross section arbor for structural stability. Lamson's lowest-priced fully USA-machined reel. Same super smooth, incredibly reliable sealed conical disc drag system and stainless-steel roller clutch as in all Lamson reels. 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum with a type-2 clear anodized treatment. Salt-safe. Lifetime Warranty. 100% Made In USA.
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Lamson Liquid Fly Reels
Item # LA095

LAMSON LIQUID LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS - AMAZING VALUE HERE in a reel that sports the standard LAMSON Conical Disc Drag System found in their highest priced reels. The frames and spools are pressure-cast and then machined in key areas amplifying the best aspects of each building process, including full radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners, and components critical to the drag system are CNC-machined here in the USA. GREAT QUALITY & VALUE! All LIQUID reels are assembled in Boise, Idaho alongside LAMSON's highest priced reels. Lifetime Warranty. Reels and spools are available to purchase individually, or in 3-PAK SETS for even bigger value, see below. NOTE: LIQUID Reels come all Black, but optional anodized aluminum sleeves (3 colors) are available that fit over the center drag housing if you'd like to customize your reel (our item LA097).

LIQUID REEL 3-PAK SETS include one complete Liquid reel with two extra spools in a custom made carry case.
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Lamson Remix Fly Reels
Item # LA096

LAMSON REMIX LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS - Featuring LAMSON's standard Conical Disc Drag System found in their highest priced reels. REMIX is a fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined frame. The frame, CNC-machined here in the USA from 6061 bar-stock aluminum, delivers maximum structural rigidity and durability all wrapped in a harder, brighter finish. The spool is pressure cast. All critical drag components are CNC-machined in the USA, and like the new LIQUID reels, REMIX reels are assembled in Boise, Idaho. Lifetime Warranty. NOTE: REMIX Reels come all Black with Titanium drag knob, but optional anodized aluminum sleeves (3 colors) are available that fit over the center drag housing if you'd like to customize your reel (our item LA097).

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Lamson Color Sleeves
Item # LA097

COLOR SLEEVES for LAMSON'S LIQUID & REMIX REELS - These anodized aluminum sleeves fit over the center drag housing of your reel to add a little splash of color. They look really nice. COLORS: (1)Salsa Green, (2)Burnt Orange, (3)Coral Blue in SIZES: (A)fits reels sizes 1.5 and 2, (B)fits reel size 3.5
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Tfo "BVK" Reels
Item # LK200

TFO "BVK" SUPER LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS by Left Kreh - BVK reels are precision machined from bar stock aluminum and the frames and spools are ported to eliminate excess weight. Equally at home in both fresh and salt waters, the super large arbor design provides faster line pick up and helps the maintenance free disc-drag system work at a more constant pressure that standard arbor reels. Delrin/Stainless stacked discs make the drag silky smooth and the one way clutch bearing makes engagement instant and left to right hand conversion simple. Anodized Moss-Green. Lifetime Warranty. NOTE: The new BVK SLA-0 model is equipped with a super-smooth click-and-pawl drag system making it even lighter weight.

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Nautilus "CCF X2" Fly Reels
Item # NA103

WINNER: Best Of Show - Saltwater Fly Reels... 2013 Fly Tackle Dealer Show

NEW SIZE! NAUTILUS CCF-X2 LARGE-ARBOR & GIGA-ARBOR FLY REELS - The CCF-X2 Disc Braking System is an upgraded, stronger, lighter version of the Cork and Carbon Fiber brake of its predecessor. It features twice the drag surface in a dual action brake configuration. Coupled with hybrid ceramic bearings, the reel delivers less than 1% startup inertia at all drag settings. This brake unit is fully sealed, feather light and can be easily switched from RH to LH retrieve. The over sized CCF-X2 drag knob features the InfinAdjust drag control system: six turns of the drag knob take you from zero to 20+lbs to allow you to precisely adjust your drag tension without fear of over adjusting. GIGA ARBOR DESIGN (G): Reel in more than a foot of line per turn with the 8/10 and 10/12 models! THE Giga Arbors have redefined large arbor reel design. Quick change spools for easy line changing on the water. Groves in the bottom of the spool let the backing breathe for fast drying. Fully machined from bar-stock aluminum. Specify: Anodized Black or Brushed Silver finish. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA
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3-TAND TF-Series Fly Reel
Item # NT100

"This is a fantastic reel (and value) for trout to light-salt applications. Their lightweight/toughness, technology and performance far exceed anything else offered at this price point." ... Bob Story

3-TAND 'TF-SERIES' FLY REELS - These are from the same engineer and designer that previously created the superb, very high-quality Van Staal machined spinning and fly reels. These 'TF-SERIES' Reels are strong, lightweight, beautifully engineered and machined inside and out with very tight tolerances. They include three patented technologies; An embedded rubber insert in the reel foot provides better grip and offers extra protection to the reel seat, the carbon fiber disc drag is treated with Nano resins for added smoothness (an industry first) and reduces the potential for the carbon fiber discs to become scratchy or squeak over the life of the reel, and a wider counter-balance that is embedded in the spool frame for a cleaner look and increased performance. The completely sealed drag system features nano carbon fiber disc technology that delivers incredible stopping power (up to 7-lbs), coupled with an unbelievably smooth drag with near zero start-up inertia that will save even the finest tippets. You can fine-tune the drag to fit the task at hand with 40-separate adjustments. Reels are fully machined from T6061-T6 bar stock aluminum, cold forged and tempered for extreme strength, and treated with 3-Tand's proprietary type II anodization process to produce the unique, saltwater-safe Titanium/Gunmetal finish. Silent inbound with a very pleasant outgoing click. Reversible for right or left hand wind. Lifetime warranty.
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