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Tungsten Bh San Juan Worm
Item # JF108

NOW IN PURPLE! TUNGSTEN BEAD SAN JUAN WORM Added weight to get deep fast, added sparkle they can't resist. (1)Brown, (2)Red, (3)Pink/Brown, (4)Pink/Red, (5)Purple - Size: 12
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Davy Wotton's Sow Bug
Item # JF358

DAVY WOTTON'S SOW BUG - Famous fly tyer and White River Arkansas guide Davy Wotton developed this weighted Sow Bug for his home waters, and for tailwater fly fishers everywhere. (1)Gray, (2)Tan, (3)Olive. Sizes: 14, 16
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Nicklo's Hmg Scud
Item # JF468

NICKLO'S HMG SCUD - recommended by F-C customers as the very best/most productive scud pattern coast-to-coast. (1)Grey, (2)Olive, (3)Orange, (4)Tan/Pink - Sizes: 14, 16
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Rubber Legged Stimulator
Item # JF547

NEW! RUBBER LEGGED STIMULATOR Your classic Stimulator with a twist. The added rubber legs really drive em' nuts. (1)Orange, (2)Yellow Sizes: 8, 10, 12
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Black Beauty
Item # JF550

BLACK BEAUTY While this midge is new to these pages, this little guy has been hammering picky trout along the Front Range for years. Used all over with the same success. Sizes: 18, 20, 22, 24
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NICKLO'S Hmg Sowbug
Item # JF552

NEW SIZES! NICKLO'S HMG SOWBUG The HMG Scud has been one of our best selling (and working) scuds we have carried and this sowbug is no different. Have these ready to tie on for all tailwater trips. (1)Grey, (2)Tan Sizes: 16, 18, 20
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Czech Catnip
Item # JF558

CZECH CATNIP You may have seen this pattern in George Daniel's book 'Dynamic Nymphing'. It is a pattern he likes in exceptionally cold water conditions. The UV qualities are a great trigger for those sluggish trout. (1)Chartreuse, (2)Olive Sizes: 8, 10, 12
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Bug Partz Deceptive Cray
Item # JF561

NEW! BUG PARTZ DECEPTIVE CRAY This should be illegal for crayfish inhabited waters. Looks so real it is scary. (1)Brown, (2)Orange Size: 2 $3.50, Size:6 $2.50

Want to tye your own? check out the kit, our item TB099.
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WHITLOCK'S Sheep Minnow
Item # JF562

NEW! WHITLOCK'S SHEEP MINNOW Originally designed to target stripers in the clear waters of Lake Norfork this one has caught them all... smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, trout and more. Holds it's own in the salt too with plenty of species taken. Dave Whitlock's best baitfish imitation will be one of your most productive too. (1)Swimming Shad (no weight), (2)Deep Shad (barbell eyes) Sizes: 2, 6
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NEW! UV2 Roe Gain
Item # JF575

NEW! UV2 ROE GAIN Offered in a smaller trout size and a larger size for steelhead and salmon. This UV2 material really comes to life underwater. Tied on a nice strong hook to make sure those bruisers stay buttoned up. (1)Alaska Roe, (2)Light Roe, (3)Steelhead Orange, (4)Wash Out, (5)White Fish. Sizes: 4, 10 , 14
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SHATTO'S Flats Fly
Item # JF580

SHATTO'S FLATS FLY Targeting redfish? Make sure you have a few of these with you. I wouldn't put it past a tailing carp to suck this one up too. Size: 1/0
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Ingi's Disco Teaser
Item # JF584

INGI'S DISCO TEASER - Adds attraction and increased hookups when fishing any streamer pattern for trout, warmwater predators or saltwater. Fish are attracted to this flashy "teaser" then pounce on your trailing streamer fly. Of course, sometimes they hit the teaser, so there are several rigging options, including using a bare hook to secure it. Disco Teaser is tyed on a tube and is meant to ride 3-18" in front of your streamer anchored with a barrel swivel (included), non-slip mono loop, or a bare hook (rigging instructions/diagrams included). Try these and watch your fish counts immediately increase. 2 1/2" long, can be trimmed to smaller sizes. SPECIFY: (1)Pearl, (2)Silver, (3)Gold, (4)Rainbow $7.95/3-pak OR (5)One-Each-Color $9.95/4-pak
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