Aquapack Waterproof Phone/GPS Cases
Item # AQ012

NEW! AQUAPACK 100% WATERPROOF PHONE/GPS CASES - Highest quality 100% waterproof protection available for your expensive, and sometimes life-saving investment. Guaranteed submersible to 15-ft and keeps out the dust and sand. Use your equipment normally in the case-sound and signal pass right through it. GPS signal is unaffected, your touch screen works easily. Take photos and video through the ultra-clear optical quality LENZFLEX material rear window. Comes with neck cord. 3-yr warranty.


STANDARD (fits iPhone-6 and Galaxy S-4 thru 6, 3/8" x 4 1/8") $29.95

LARGE fits iPhone 6+, Galaxy Note and Edge+, (6 3/4" x 4 1/4") $34.95
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Tacky 'Day Pack' Fly Box
Item # HG303

NEW! TACKY 'DAY PACK' FLY BOX - This is a smaller version of the wildly popular Original Tacky Fly Box. The kicker is that it actually holds more flies than the original. The silicone pads cleverly shaped tear-drop micro-slits run in two directions, effectively doubling the capacity for smaller flies, up to 180! Like the Original Tacky Fly Box, the tough, sleek polycarbonate box has a clear top, a magnet closure system and a patent-pending "micro-slit" silicone rubber insert. This silicone insert has little to no memory (unlike foam inserts) so it won't wear out or become stretched over time. Flies are held securely in place for the lifetime of the box as "slots" heal themselves as soon as fly is pulled out. Fast and easy to load. Constructed of polycarbonate-the plastic used in the lenses of most sunglasses-because it's extremely durable and shatter resistant. Ideal size for vest pocket, shirt pocket or pack at approximately 5"L x 3"W x 3/4"D and holds up to 180 flies (both dries & nymphs). Photo shows size comparison to the Original Tacky Fly Box.
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Tacky 'Big Bug' Box
Item # HG304

NEW! TACKY 'BIG BUG' BOX - We are excited to expand our TACKY lineup for all the big bug fishers out there. The Big Bug Box has the same footprint as The Original but is 1.5 X the depth, making it perfect for streamers, big dries, saltwater flats flies, etc. The patent pending mat has been re-designed specifically for bigger flies and will hold 72 flies with hook sizes up to 2/0! The newly designed mat has a number of new features including new step down guides to guide the hook down into the slit. These guides allow you to 'feel' where the slit is and push the hook down rather than having to back the hook in (although there is still a guide there if you prefer that). This is extremely helpful when your box is full of meaty flies and visibility is minimal (like the one pictured). New mat is thicker and holds these big flies extremely tight, keeping your precious cargo in place. 7"L x 3.5"W x 1.13"D
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Fish Skull Fly Tester
Item # HK1110

NEW! FISH SKULL "FLY TESTER" - Enables fly tyers to 'swim-test' and, ultimately, design better fly patterns. An innovative, complete, out-of-the-box solution for fly testing and demonstration. High quality, crystal-clear, acrylic swim tank with innovative circular water flow design. Upper, middle and lower sections allow you to swim up to 3 different types of flies (streamers, nymphs and surface flies) at the same time if you like. The lower section of the tank provides a focused, strong flow of water perfect for testing any size or type of streamer fly up to a 12" in length. The upper and middle sections provide a slower, more dispersed flow of water in the opposite direction allowing you to test subsurface flies (nymphs, wet flies, emergers) and surface flies (foam poppers, sliders etc...). The pump has a flow control allowing you to adjust and 'fine tune' the speed of the waters to suit the type and size of fly being tested. OBSERVE the action of your fly immediately after you've tied it in the comfort of your own home - before you tie a dozen of them and discover they don't swim or look right in the water! The FLY TESTER also allows you to video your fly creations and post to social network/websites. DESIGN better, more effective flies (by testing before you go fishing), shorten the new fly development life-cycle, and catch more fish! The slim line design is light-weight (less 8 lbs.), portable with a small footprint for any fly tying table. Height: 12", Width: 3.5", Length 24". Powerful water pump with adjustable speed flow control. 1-year limited warranty. $285 Plus an additional $5 over our regular shipping charge. Ground shipping only.

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Abel Hemostats
Item # HM957

ABEL HEMOSTATS - Like Abel's Line Nipper, expect this hemostat to be far superior to anything like it ever offered. The perfectly aligned stainless-steel jaws safely remove the tiniest fly, and crimp down the smallest barb. Completely machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and 17-4 ph stainless steel. While traditional hemo's can be very difficult to unlock (especially with wet, cold fingers while holding a slippery fish), the jaw locking mechanism is as easy as pulling a trigger to release it. A quick squeeze of the ergonomically designed handles or sliding back the sleek thumblock releases the jaws. Abel hemos come standard with Abel's signature hi-gloss black anodizing treatment, and are available with all Abel solid color and artistic finishes for an upcharge. With replaceable jaws and a lifetime warranty, these hemos are constructed like all Abel products; to be passed down from generation to generation. 1.2 oz. Length: 5.6" Hi-Gloss Black $135, Available in any Abel Solid Color Finish: $160, or any Abel Fish Graphic Finish $215 (allow 3-4 weeks delivery for fish graphics) Call for availability.

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Grayl 'Quest' Filtration Cup With Trail Water Filter
Item # HP080

NEW! GRAYL 'QUEST' FILTRATION CUP W/TRAIL WATER FILTER - Taste the river! If you're like me and hate carrying heavy water bottles, HERE IS THE ANSWER. QUEST works like a French press. All you do is scoop water into the chamber, plunge the filter, flip the cap, and drink. No more soar cheeks from sucking on straws like other filter systems I've tried. QUEST is easy to use and produces clean, fresh tasting water in 15 seconds of press time. Bacteria & Protozoa Protection: Removes 99.99% of bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella) and 99.94% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium). Filters many chemicals (e.g. chlorine, iodine) and heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic) that affect health, flavor and odor. Perfect for hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and fly fishing. System includes: outer cup, inner cup (press), flip-lock lid, and TRAIL Filter. MATERIALS: 18/8 Stainless Steel, food-grade silicone, BPA-free plastic. Top rack dishwasher safe outer cup, inner press/cup, and lid. SIZE: 9.1" H x 3" W. 16-ounce capacity. Replaceable filter lifespan: 300 uses (40 gallons). COLORS: (1)Grey, (2)Blue

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Grayl 'Quest' Filtration Cup with Travel Water Purifier
Item # HP081

NEW! GRAYL 'QUEST' FILTRATION CUP W/TRAVEL WATER PURIFIER - All of the advantages of the Quest Trail Filter, PLUS VIRUS PROTECTION! If you're traveling internationally or in highly impacted wilderness areas worldwide and want the ultimate in portable water filtration and purification, look no further. Virus Protection: Removes 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella); 99.999% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia); and 99.9999% of viruses (e.g. Hepatitis A, SARS, Rotavirus). Press time is 30-seconds. Same construction and filtration as the Quest Trail Filter. SIZE: 9.1" H x 3" W. 16-ounce capacity. Replaceable filter lifespan: 300 uses (40 gallons). COLORS: (1)Grey, (2)Blue

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Grayl 'Quest' Replacement Trail Water Filter
Item # HP082

GRAYL 'QUEST' REPLACEMENT TRAIL WATER FILTER - Replaceable filter lifespan: 300 uses (40 gallons).
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Grayl 'Quest' Replacement Travel Water Purifier
Item # HP083

GRAYL 'QUEST' REPLACEMENT TRAVEL FILTER - Replaceable filter lifespan: 300 uses (40 gallons).
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Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves
Item # HP199

NOTE: Colors Fractal-Camo-Loden, Fractal-Camo-Nightfall and Tidal-Camo 40% OFF! Sale price of $17.97 will show in shopping cart

SIMMS SOLARFLEX SUN GLOVES shield hands from a blasting sun with UPF50 stretch fabric in a nimble half-finger design. Lightweight, grip ready gloves feature extended coverage on index and middle fingers with synthetic overlay on the index finger for stripping durability, while extended cuffs shutter wrists and come equipped with pairing snaps for easy storage. COLORS: (1)Grey, (2)Fractal-Camo-Loden, (3)Fractal-Camo-Nightfall, (4)Tidal-Camo in SIZES: S-XL
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Buff Pro Stripping Guards
Item # HP278

NEW! BUFF 'PRO SERIES STRIPPING GUARDS' eliminate burns and cuts to keep you on the water longer. Made from durable poly LYCRA, the stripping guard slips onto your finger easily and is sewn with Kevlar seam for maximum durability. COLORS: (1)Dorado, (2)Tarpon, (3)Toothy-Skull, (4)Hooks, (5)Pixels-Dessert-Camo, (6)Exo 3-pak
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Rising 'Brookie' Premium Anodized Aluminum Net
Item # HT050

NEW! RISING 'BROOKIE' PREMIUM ANODIZED ALUMINUM NET - 28" overall. Hoop is 10.5" W x 16" L. Weighs 16-oz. COLORS: (1)Orange, (2)Red, (3)Gunmetal

We're excited to offer these new PREMIUM ANODIZED ALUMINUM NETS from our friends at RISING. Nets have knurled handles for better grip, Clear rubber no-spook net bags that hooks can't get stuck in, and waterproof end-caps which make the entire handle waterproof for storing important gear or liquor. YEP, THIS IS THE FLASK NET THAT YOU'VE BEEN HEARING ABOUT! Other great features include length markings on the hoop for easy measurements in the water (Brookie up to 15"), and a custom acetal bolt for easily swapping out net bags if you ever wear one out. Made in their shop in Utah - American made for $99 is the best value in premium nets.

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