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DEMO: Abel Super 9/10 Qc Fly Reel
Item # 351828

DEMO: ABEL SUPER 9/10 QC FLY REEL - Like new Abel Quick-Change Super Series reel. Line and backing have been removed. Capacity is WF9F & 225-YDS 20# backing (not included). REG $875 NOW $675

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Abel Super 7/8 Qc "BONEFISH" Reel by Tim Borski
Item # 377917

30% OFF! ABEL SUPER SERIES 7/8 QC "BONEFISH" by Tim Borski to benefit The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (formerly Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited). One hundred of the individually hand painted, anodized and laser engraved Bonefish design reels will be produced. The new 9.1-ounce Abel Quick Change or QC model reel is the latest concept in reel design. Spool change is accomplished virtually instantaneously by backing off the drag knob, pushing in and rotating the reel's center cap. No tools are required for the fastest and easiest change of any reel in the fly-fishing industry. Super Series QC models utilize 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminum for the spool and frame. The drive system is C64200 silicon aluminum bronze. Buna sealed micro-bearings are ISO 9001:200 and AS9100 certified FAA TSO C149 aircraft bearings. Its large arbor design provides the proper ratio of hub size to spool width for optimum line capacity, pick-up and performance. WAS $2000 (I have #29 of 100), NOW $1400

Borski, a university-trained artist who grew up fishing for Wisconsin smallmouth bass with casting tackle, now gives talks on saltwater fly-fishing at the International Game Fish Association and other venues. His contemporary paintings are collected by anglers and birding enthusiasts and are displayed in galleries from Key West to Japan. Borski paints wildlife art in watercolor, oils and acrylics utilizing bold interpretive strokes. He has developed into one of the world's most recognized 'fish and bird artists.

The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (formerly Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited) is a 501(C) 3 not-for-profit organization based in South Florida with a worldwide presence. The organization supports or collaborates on research projects throughout the Caribbean and Pacific with a goal to protect and enhance both species by gaining a better understanding of their biology and ecology. It is B&TT's belief "that by bringing together recreational anglers, guides, lodges, the marine industry, and other business interests, they can raise the funds and other support needed to conduct this essential research."

The organization's mission statement goals and purposes include -

- To support education, conservation, and research to help understand, nurture and enhance healthy bonefish and tarpon populations;
- To nurture and enhance the bonefish population, initially in the Florida Keys, eventually expanding our horizons globally;
- Serving as a repository for information and knowledge related to the life cycle, behavior and well being of the species;
- Supporting research and gathering information related to the condition of these fisheries, as well as their behavior and life cycles;
- Providing educational material to the public and fishermen;
- Working with regulatory authorities and the public to insure that the laws protecting these species are enforced; and
- Interacting with government agencies to assist in the management and regulations related to bonefish and tarpon.

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Redington "TORRENT" 990-4 Outfit
Item # RN008

40% OFF! REDINGTON "TORRENT" SERIES 990-4 OUTFIT Includes 990-4 Torrent rod and Surge 7/8/9 reel packaged in a Cordura rod/reel case. A true all-water rod series from pike to saltwater. Fast, super-smooth actions that are a pleasure to cast and fish at all distances. Conifer-Green blanks are beautifully appointed with premium Portuguese cork grips, first-class carbon-fiber weave and anodized aluminum reel seat components, Pac Bay Aluminum Oxide stripping guides and chrome snake guides. Rods also feature alignment dots on each section for fast set up. Lifetime Warranty. REG $325 NOW $195
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Sage TXL-F Fly Rods
Item # SG116

30% OFF! SAGE TXL-F SERIES - The TXL-F is 33% lighter than the original TXL (they nearly float in your hand) with a "crisper" action and a wonderful snub-nose half wells grip for greater comfort and control, plus a travel friendly 4-piece configuration. These little rods are deadly accurate and a thrill to fish. Sage's exclusive G-5 technology coupled with innovative micro-ferrules and Jerry Siem's design genius culminates into the finest small stream rod that I have ever fished (Bob). REMAINING MODELS $437.50
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Sage Response Fly Rods
Item # SG125

30% OFF! SAGE "RESPONSE" SERIES FLY RODS - A combination of proven tapers and premium materials has resulted in this family of notably smooth casting, fast-action rods. SAGE classifies these as all-water rods that will cross-over from fresh to saltwater fishing environments flawlessly. Dressed with stylish wraps and other upgrades, freshwater rods feature a reverse-half-wells grip and aluminum reelseat with rosewood insert. Saltwater models have a full-wells grip with all aluminum reelseat and fighting-butt. Lined Cordura rod tube included.

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