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Ingi's Disco Teaser
Item # JF584

NEW! INGI'S DISCO TEASER - Adds attraction and increased hookups when fishing any streamer pattern for trout, warmwater predators or saltwater. Fish are attracted to this flashy "teaser" then pounce on your trailing streamer fly. Of course, sometimes they hit the teaser, so there are several rigging options, including using a bare hook to secure it. Disco Teaser is tyed on a tube and is meant to ride 3-18" in front of your streamer anchored with a barrel swivel (included), non-slip mono loop, or a bare hook (rigging instructions/diagrams included). Try these and watch your fish counts immediately increase. 2 1/2" long, can be trimmed to smaller sizes. SPECIFY: (1)Pearl, (2)Silver, (3)Gold, (4)Rainbow $7.95/3-pak OR (5)One-Each-Color $9.95/4-pak
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