Fly Tying Tools & Materials

Partridge K2BY
Item # PH105

PARTRIDGE K2BY BARBLESS CADDIS PUPA HOOK - Black-Nickel finish, slight up-eye, curved hook for caddis pupa and emergers. SIZES: 12, 14, 16, 18 (25-PAK)
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Fish Skull Chocklett's Body Tubing
Item # TJ148

NEW! FISH SKULL "CHOCKLETT'S BODY TUBING" - Blane Chocklett is widely regarded as one of the top big game anglers, fly tiers, and guides in the world. Many modern musky and pike flies tied today are inspired by his innovative signature patterns, such as the popular T-Bone Musky fly. Chocklett's Body Tubing is the authentic 'secret ingredient' used by Blane in his big game flies to segment the bodies and keep the materials flared up, allowing them to push more water and have the illusion of bulk - the hollow fly effect - while being light and castable all day. This EXPANDABLE Body Tubing is also used to create large fly heads that push a lot of water and enable this style of flies to swim correctly. Chocklett's Body Tubing, combined with Chocklett's Big Game Shanks, FISH SKULL Fish-Masks and Living Eyes are all key components, and can all be found on our website. BODY TUBING SIZES: 1/8", 1/4" or 1/2" in COLORS: (1)Clear, (2)Black, (3)Orange, (4)Chartreuse, (5)Yellow (6)Pink, (7)Red, (8)Purple

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Heritage Turkey Tail Pair
Item # TP110


HERITAGE TURKEY TAILS FROM INDIA - Here's one I bet you haven't seen before. The mottling in these tails is spectacular. Feathers run the gamut between cream and cinnamon tones. Overall, much lighter in color than American turkey, so the dark mottling really pops, reminds me of peacock wing feathers. Great for buggy tails, wing cases, legs, veiling on steelhead patterns or winging for classic Atlantic salmon tyes. You're really going to love these. $5.95/matched pair while supplies last
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