Rio Connect-Core Shooting Line

Item #FG181

RIO CONNECT-CORE SHOOTING LINE has virtually no stretch, allowing anglers to stay perfectly in touch with their fly throughout the swing and feel every slight touch. A thicker diameter handling section prolongs the life of the line and ensures an easy grip in cold conditions. Hot-Orange front section makes it very easy to see when to stop stripping and make the cast. Unique core ensures the most perfect coils of line when stripping in - resulting in far few tangles and snarls. 8" welded loop at the front for fast head changes. Super slick XS Technology coating floats high and shoots far. 100-ft. SIZES: 15-lb(.026") Lt-Grey, 20-lb(.032") Pale-Green, 20-lb(.037") Pale-Blue, 30-lb(.042") Straw.

Starting At: $59.95

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