Cortland Micronite Backing (Spectra)

Item #FZ006

CORTLAND MICRONITE (Super-Braid) BACKING ADDS 40% MORE BACKING! Super-Strength Micro-Diameter "Spectra-Fiber" backing. True 30-lb test backing with a diameter of 10-lb test. Color White in Sizes: 150-yd spool 20-lb test $19.95, 150-yd spool 30-lb test $21.95, 300-yd spool 20-lb test $32.95, 300-yd Spool 30-lb test $37.95, 1200-yd Spool 20-lb test $99.95, 1200-yd Spool 30-lb test $109.95

Starting At: $19.95

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