C&F CFA50THR Threader Patch

Item #HG052

C&F THREADER FLY BOX 5-ROW/THREADER Chest Patch #CFA50THR Famous Threader Fly Boxes for fly fishers having problems poking a tippet through a tiny hook-eye. Boxes have THREADER-LOADERS BUILT-IN. You can pre-load the flies (sizes #12 thru #18) on the threaders before you head for the stream. When you open the fly box on the stream, the fly-loaded threaders stick straight up, waiting for the end of the tippet. Simply poke the tippet through the threader, and SHAZAM, the tippet is loaded through the hook-eye automatically. Boxes weigh nothing. 33/4" W x 5" H x 11/4" D.

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