Brodin 'Ghost' Landing Nets

Item #HT007

BRODIN "GHOST" LANDING NETS Gorgeous multi-layer laminated Teak wood frames with SOLID RUBBER "GHOST" NET BAG. This new lightweight rubber bag weighs a scant 4-oz. and is clear in color so that it will disappear in the water and will not spook fish. The rubber net bag gently cradles the fish causing less harm than a nylon bag. As an added advantage, HOOKS DO NOT STICK in the rubber netting!

(1) TROUT MODEL Hoop 9" x 13", Handle 9", Overall 22.5"
(2) FIREHOLE MODEL Hoop 6.75" x 14.75", Handle 7", Overall 22.5"
(3) NEW! CUTTHROAT MODEL Hoop 11.75" x 16", Overall 24"
(4) NEW! FRYING PAN MODEL Hoop 12.75" x 18", Overall 26"

Starting At: $99.95

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