Fish Bum 1, Mongolia Dvd

Item #KD026

NEW DVD: "FISH BUM I: MONGOLIA" - AEG Media is back with its third feature film! These are the same guys that brought us "TROUT BUM DIARIES VOLUME 1: PATAGONIA" and "TROUT BUM DIARIES VOLUME 2: KIWI CAMO". This time they venture to the land of Ghengis Kahn, in search of fish locals call River Wolf, the Taimen. Adventure through unexplored territory on horseback, camel, Russian 4x4's and hiking boots all in search of the largest known trout in the world, the Taimen; a fish of legendary myths and proportions. The vast beauty of Mongolia, the scenery, nature, culture and people that surround the crew are an irresistible experience. Plus, the most exciting fishing footage yet! 70 minute DVD.

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