Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outffits

Item #OR106

ORVIS "ENCOUNTER FLY ROD OUTFITS" - These perfectly balanced outfits arrive rigged and ready to fish. You wouldn't think that a rod in this price range could be this great. Wonderful med-fast to fast action 4-piece fly rods with great "feel" that REALLY CAST. Perfect for anyone just getting started in fly fishing, and plenty good enough to be a favorite backup rod, no matter what your fishing now. Or maybe just leave one of these babies in your car all the time so you're ready for any accidental fishing opportunity that might arise. The lightweight large-arbor Encounter fly reel has a more than competent, smooth adjustable drag system. Outfits include Encounter rod and reel, weight-forward floating fly line, backing and rod tube. Specify Right or Left hand retrieve.

Starting At: $169.00

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