Patagonia Stormfront Sling

Item #PT158

SOLD OUT. New version coming November 2016.

PATAGONIA STORMFRONT SLING - A completely welded 100% waterproof sling pack designed for versatility and world class performance. After a long day of horizontal rain or pounding tropical storms, the last thing you want to do is spend the evening unpacking your vest or bag to dry everything out. It's even worse when saltwater is involved and you have to rinse it all first. This Sling offers 100% waterproof welded construction, exterior PU and interior single-side TPU-coated nylon and a burly, waterproof TIZIP zipper to keep dry stuff dry, no matter what. Think of it as a handy waterproof boat bag that rides comfortably across your shoulder for deep wading and long fishing sessions. More details: grab handles, rod tube holders, D-ring net attachment, easy-access external pocket, internal zippered mesh pocket, 3-D spacer mesh backing on pack and sling strap. Guaranteed 100% waterproof. 1220 cu. in.

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