Sili Skin

Item #TB010

"SILI-SKIN" is the revolutionary new tying material used to create the "Gummy Minnows" (see photo). This is amazing stuff. Creates the most lifelike minnow/baitfish imitations ever (for fresh or saltwater). Two 2" x 6" adhesive backed strips per pack. Instructions on general use included. Since it's introduction last year, Gummy Minnows have been credited with catching trout, bass & panfish, just about everything that swims inshore saltwater, and has become the #1 Los Roques bonefish pattern. COLORS: (1)Belly-White, (2)Copper, (3)Green-Splash, (4)Metallic-Red, (5)Metallic-Silver, (6)Mother-Of-Pearl, (7)Olive, (8)Pink, (9)Prismatic-Silver, (10)Road-Slick, (11)Metallic-Blue, (12)Chartreuse, (13)Prismatic-Gold, (14)Clear, (15)Peacock, (16)Prismatic-Copper, (17)Prismatic-Scale/Silver, (18)Sea-Foam-Green

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