Reel Egg Clusters

Item #TC005

REEL EGG CLUSTERS are the latest ULTRA-REALISTIC "soft egg" component Yarn-cord strung thru them eliminates the need to build up a thread base on the hook-shank for the glue to adhere to. Trim the yarn "flush" with the egg, pass the hook point through the yarn core, apply a drop of Zap-A-Gap super-glue to hook-shank, then slide into final position. Done. COLORS: (3)Fl-Flame, (5)Golden-Yellow, (6)Hot-Pink, (10)Red, (11)Rotten-Egg (Dk-Amber), (17)Baby-Pink, (24)Glo-in-the-Dark Yellow-Chart; Single Strand, not cluster: (25)Light Purple, (26)Chart-Green, (27)Chinook Red

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