Pro Swimming Nymph Kit

Item #TJ143

PRO SWIMMING NYMPH KITS - The Swimming Nymph is designed to imitate the ephemeropterea-nymphs in a free-swimming stage in the water, rising to become a hatched insect. The Swimming Nymph Shell is printed, pre-cut and domed with UC-gloss on the head-part. The body for the fly is made of a thin pre-cut rib with a darker gradient line(included) for giving segmentation to the nymph-body. Tied on a curved DAIICHI 1770 "swimming-nymph" hook, you just need to add the hook, materials for the tail and some dubbing to create super-realistic swimming nymphs... fast and easily. COLORS: (1)Yellow/Brown, (2)Olive/Brown, (3)Brown/Dk-Brown in SIZES: SMALL(for hook sizes: 14-16, tyes 16-flies), MEDIUM(size: 12-14, tyes 14-flies), LARGE(size: 8-10, tyes 12-flies)

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