Extra-Select Craft Fur

Item #TU075

EXTRA-SELECT CRAFT FUR - The LONGEST, MOST DENSE CRAFT FUR that we have ever seen. Use it for a large variety of fresh and saltwater streamers and bonefish patterns. Great substitution for bucktail on Clouser Minnows. Beautiful, vibrant colors can be blended to match most any baitfish. COLORS: (1)Blacvk, (2)Bright-Green, (3)Bright-Orange, (4)Bright-Red, (5)Cerise, (6)Chartreuse, (7)Cream, (8)Dk-Brown, (9)Dk-Olive, (10)Fire-Orange, (11)Fiery-Hot-Red, (12)Golden-Olive, (13)Golden-Yellow, (14)Gray-Olive, (15)Green, (16)Hot-Pink, (17)King-Blue, (18)Med-Brown, (19)Med-Dun-Gray, (20)Med-Olive, (21)Navy-Blue, (22)Orangutan-Rust, (23)Purple, (24)Red, (25)Salmon-Pink, (26)Sand, (27)Tan, (28)White, (29)Yellow, (30)Fl-Blue, (31)Fl-Orange, (32)Fl-Yellow

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