whiting WHITING 100 Packs
whiting WHITING 100 Packs

WHITING 100 Packs

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WHITING 100 PACKS - Highest quality Whiting saddle hackle PRE-GRADED for hook size. Each package contains enough hackle to ttye about 100 flies. The ultimate in convenience. COLORS: (1)Grizzly, (2)Brown, (3)White, (5)Golden-Badger, (6)Light-Ginger, (7)Med-Ginger, (8)Black, (9) Lt-Dun, (10)Med-Dun, (11)Dk-Dun, (12)Grizzly/Dk-Olive, (14)Grizzly/Golden-Straw, (15)Grizzly/Pale-Yellow, (16)Grizzly/March-Brown, (17)Grizzly/Burnt-Orange, (18)Olive-Copper, (19)Golden-Brown, (20)Barred-Dk-Ginger, (21)Nat-Dun-Grizzly, (22)Furnace, (23)Grizzly/Golden-Brown, (24)Golden-Straw, (25)Dk-Olive, (26)Coachman-Brown, (27)Hi-Vis-Orange, (28)Hi-Vis-Chartreuse, (29)Hi-Vis-Pink. SIZES: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22


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