whiting WHITING Bugger Pack
whiting WHITING Bugger Pack

WHITING Bugger Pack

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$24.95 $ 24.95
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Brown $24.95
Barred Dark Ginger $24.95
Golden Badger $24.95
Furnace $24.95
Burnt Orange $24.95
Grizzly/Dark Olive $24.95
Grizzly/Orange $24.95
Grizzly/Yellow $24.95
Grizzly/Burnt Orange $24.95
White $24.95
Ghost Barred White $24.95
Olive $24.95
Grizzly/Fl Chartreuse $24.95
Fl Chartreuse $24.95
Dark Olive $24.95
Purple $24.95
Golden Olive $24.95
Dyed Black $24.95
Grizzly/Olive $24.95
Grizzly/Golden Olive $24.95
Grizzly/Brown $24.95
Natural Grizzly $24.95
Grizzly/Purple $24.95
Grizzly/Red $24.95
Orange $24.95
Dark Olive $24.95


WHITING BUGGER PACKS - BEAUTIFUL SEMI-WEBBY HACKLE for size-6, 8 & 10 buggers. Furnished on a skin patch. Tom says this pak tyes up to 75-buggers. COLORS: (1)Brown, (2)Olive, (3)Golden-Olive, (4)Dyed-Black, (5)Grizzly/Olive, (6)Grizzly/Golden-Olive, (7)Grizzly/Brown, (8)Grizzly, (9)Grizzly/Purple, (10)Barred-Dk-Ginger, (11)Golden-Badger, (12)Furnace, (13)Burnt-Orange, (14)Grizzly/Dk-olive, (15)Grizzly/Orange, (16)Grizzly-Yellow, (17)Grizzly/Burnt-Orange, (18)White, (19)Ghost-Barred-White, (20)Grizzly/Fl-Chartreuse, (21)Fl-Chartreuse, (22)Dk-Olive, (23)Purple


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5 1 whiting WHITING Bugger Pack

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The quality is excellent, and the combination of sizes is great..

5 whiting WHITING Bugger Pack

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

As the different sizes, small (14) through large (2) allow you to figure out later what sizes you use the most of. I keep ordering these because I actually use them up. Some of my favorite saltwater patterns use the larger feathers, and my freshwater seem to use up the smaller ones at about the same rate.

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