whiting WHITING Premium Capes
whiting WHITING Premium Capes

WHITING Premium Capes

Item #: TK001

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$38.00 - $120.00 38.00 120.00


WHITING PREMIUM DRY FLY CAPES - The INDUSTRY PREMIUM dry-fly hackle. You can expect MORE PREMIUM HACKLE per square inch than anything offered to date. Dense hackle means the cost-per-fly makes this the least expensive dry fly hackle available. Superior hackle with soft stems and stiff feather-fibers for stand up dry flies. COLORS: (1)Grizzly, (2)White, (3)Brown, (5)Med-Ginger, (6)Lt-Dun, (7)Med-Dun, (8)Dk-Dun, (9)Black, (10)Grizzly/Olive, (11)Lt-Ginger, (12)Barred-Dk-Ginger, (13)Golden-Badger, (15)Grizzly/Dk-Olive, (16)Coachman-Brown


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