whiting WHITING Soft Hackle With Chickabou
whiting WHITING Soft Hackle With Chickabou

WHITING Soft Hackle With Chickabou

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Grizzly/Golden-Olive $21.95
Grizzly/Tan $21.95
Grizzly/Heron-Grey $21.95
Grizzly/Coachman Brown $21.95


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WHITING "SOFT-HACKLE WITH CHICKABOU" - This is the feather used on Whitlocks NearNuff Sculpin and NearNuff Crayfish. Also the best MATUKA FEATHERS available. These are really HEN-BACK skin patches that extends low enough on the bird to include the CHICK-A-BOU. LOTS OF USES: Soft hackle collars size-2 thru 10, wrapped marabou collars, matukas, mini-marabou tails, soft hackle for steelhead/salmon flies and more. COLORS: (2)Brown, (3)Medium-Dun, (4)Olive, (5)Dk-Olive, (6)Golden-Brown, (7)Golden-Olive, (8)Tan, (9)Medium Ginger (10)Grizzly/Olive, (11)Grizzly/Orange, (12)Grizzly/Purple


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