rl winston WINSTON BIII Two Handed Micro Spey Rod
rl winston WINSTON BIII Two Handed Micro Spey Rod

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WINSTON BIII Two Handed Micro Spey Rod

Item #: WN099

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WINSTON BORON III TH-MS MICROSPEY FLY RODS - An innovative addition of three specialized light line Two-Handed trout models to Winston's extremely popular Boron III TH Two-Handed rod series. Using Boron III technology, these new high performance, ultra-lightweight two-handed rods perfectly combine the power of a spey rod and the finesse of a trout rod to bring a whole new dimension to fishing big, open trout waters, landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass in moving water. The versatile design of these new 3-, 4- and 5-weight Microspey rods strikes an important balance between "castability & fishability", designed to utilize the incredible high performance of Boron III technology, driving power up through the rod as the angler may need. Powerful enough to launch a streamer into a stiff wind, nimble enough to handle light tippets when swinging wet flies, and also when dead drifting nymphs or dries. Light enough to fish all day, yet long enough to reach those far seams that call for a big foam bug. Whether fishing in demanding weather or covering broad waters, these Microspey rods will provide the angler with an exciting new world of opportunities. Winston's Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Made in Montana.




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