Wright & McGill Plunge 9ft 5wt Outfit
Wright & McGill Plunge 9ft 5wt Outfit

Wright & McGill Plunge 9ft 5wt Outfit

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PLUNGE FLY FISHING COLLECTION by Wright & McGill: I just came off our casting yard as I write this, and I have to tell you that I'm shocked at how easily this rod casts. It loads quickly with a ton of "feel" and throws beautifully in close or beyond 70-feet. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to fish this rod myself on any trout stream in the country. We're instantly going to be recommending this outfit to all of the beginning students in our fly casting lessons here at the shop. THIS IS THE BEST QUALITY & VALUE EVER OFFERED IN AN ENTRY LEVEL OUTFIT. The collection includes the 9-foot, 5-weight, 4-piece medium-fast action high-modulus graphite fly rod, Large-Arbor Fly Reel with fully adjustable disc-drag, Weight-Forward Fly Line and backing installed, Tapered Leader, Rod/Reel Cordura Travel/Storage Case, Power-L Line Nipper with Retractor, loaded Qwik-Drop Split Shot Dispenser, 5" Black Forceps, Leader Straightener, Fly Box, Strike Indicators, Fly Assortment and the DVD: "Essentials Of Fly Fishing" which covers everything from rigging to casting techniques to landing a fish. Specify left-hand or right-hand retreive. Absolutely unbeatable performance and value at $159.95


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