royal wulff WULFF Triangle Taper PLUS
royal wulff WULFF Triangle Taper PLUS

WULFF Triangle Taper PLUS

Item #: FD014

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$84.95 $ 84.95
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TT2F $84.95
TT3F $84.95
TT4F $84.95
TT5F $84.95
TT6F $84.95
TT7F $84.95
TT8F $84.95
TT9F $84.95


LEE WULFF "TRIANGLE TAPER PLUS" FLY LINES with front welded loops, J3 Floating/Shooting Technology and TRI-D Line Identification System. A half size heavy western style head for quicker loading and shooting. Two tone coloration. Perfect for today's faster action rods. Lt-Olive running line with Ivory head. TT2F thru TT9F


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