airflo AIRFLO Super-Dri Distance Pro Fly Line
airflo AIRFLO Super-Dri Distance Pro Fly Line

AIRFLO Super-Dri Distance Pro Fly Line

Item #: FD012

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AIRFLO SUPER-DRI "DISTANCE PRO" FLOATING FLY LINE with factory loops installed at both ends. For ultimate distance, whether you're fishing from the bank or boat. Airflo's longest belly on any single hand fly line. Optic-Green. WF5F thru WF9F.

SuperDri Features a near friction-free coating which allows the line to zip through the guides adding yards to your cast. SuperDri's coating gives unparalleled floatation with the ability to repel water, dirt, and surface scum. Another new feature: Zone Technology, which uses a low compression compound in the part of the line exposed to the most stress, ensuring the line doesn't cling to the rod guides when hauling and shooting. This further minimizes friction during casts, helping with distance and extending the life of your floating line. Coupled with Airflo's patented polymer construction, revolutionary ridge and power core, you'll see and feel the difference on your very first cast. In six unique tapers.


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