ARC ARC Fluoro NXT Tippet Material
ARC ARC Fluoro NXT Tippet Material

ARC Fluoro NXT Tippet Material

Item #: AR104

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5X (5lb) $17.95
4X (6lb) $17.95
3X (8.3lb) $17.95
2X (9.5lb) $17.95
1X (12lb) $17.95
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ARC FLUORO NXT HIGH-STRENGTH TIPPET MATERIAL - ARC Fluoro NXT utilizes the latest in PVDF copolymer materials and a state-of-the-art extrusion process to produce a superior 100% fluorocarbon tippet. It is virtually invisible in water, maintains ultra-consistent diameter, strength and suppleness when wet, and outstanding abrasion resistance and knot strength. Controlled low-stretch for improved feel and hook set. Color coded retainer bands for easy I.D. SIZES: 0X(13.2 lb, 1X(12 lb), 2X(9.5 lb), 3X(8.3 lb), 4X(6 lb), 5X(5 lb), 6X(3.6 lb), 7X(2.6 lb). 40m spl


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