buff BUFF Head Gear
buff BUFF Head Gear

BUFF Head Gear

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$24.95 $ 24.95
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Rainbow Trout $24.95
DeYong Tarpon $24.95
Bluewater Camo $24.95
Water Camo Grey $24.95
Brown Trout $24.95
DeYong Rainbow Royal $24.95
DeYong Brown Trout Mosquito $24.95
DeYong Brookie Flank $24.95
Warpaint $24.95
Bonefish $24.95
Dorado $24.95
Pixels Desert $24.95
Pelagic Camo $24.95
Fish Buffet $24.95
Water Camo Light Grey $24.95


BUFF HIGH-UV PROTECTION HEAD/ NECK WEAR - Guard against flying raindrops, cut wind noise in a moving boat, wick activity-generated moisture, guard against insect bites, absorb glare, are highly breathable, and protect skin from sun damage. BUFFs are the one piece of gear utilized at all times by the participants on the TV show Survivor. Made of stretchy, seamless, quick drying, highly breathable COOLMAX microfiber with extreme wicking properties and UV protection. Polygiene technology prevents odor-causing bacteria. Wear it a dozen different ways depending on the level of protection required. One size fits all. COLORS/PRINTS: (1)Rainbow-Trout-2, (2)Brown-Trout, (3)DeYoung-Rainbow-Royal, (4)DeYoung-Brown-Trout-Mosquito, (5)DeYoung-Brookie-Flank, (6)Warpaint, (7)Bonefish, (8)Dorado, (9)Pixels-Desert, (10)DeYoung-Tarpon-Flank, (11)Pelagic-Camo, (12)Fish-Buffet, (13)Bluewater-Camo, (15)Water-Camo-Lt-Grey, (16)Water-Camo NOTE: Water Camo Forest sold out.


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