finsport Finsport 8 Inch Wallet
finsport Finsport 8 Inch Wallet

Finsport 8 Inch Wallet

Item #: HG668

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FINSPORT "8-INCH STREAMER WALLET" is ideal for carrying large streamers and baitfish imitations for all things saltwater, PLUS pike, muskie, peacock or largemouth bass. It is much easier to manage large flies in this wallet than any fly box I've ever used(Bob). Two rows of six 4" x 8", heavy-duty zip-lock pockets are welded to Velcro strips that allows each group to be inserted in/out of the wallet. The inner walls of the wallet itself are foam lined. Take a fly out of a zip-lock compartment, fish it, then stick it in the foam lining to dry before putting it back in its pocket. Flies can be pre-rigged with shock tippets and stored "ready to fish" for tarpon, barracuda, snook, etc. Belt loop or clip for attaching it to you, a webbed leader/tippet pocket on the outside, Velcro closure tab, and a clear plastic sleeve on the binder that we can slide an identification card into. Assorted Colors.


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