Neer Hair
Neer Hair

Neer Hair

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$1.50 $ 1.50
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Light Blue $1.50
Black $1.50
Shrimp Pink $1.50
Fl. Orange $1.50
Fl. Chartreuse $1.50
Fl. Pink $1.50
Yellow $1.50
Tan $1.50
Red $1.50


NEER HAIR - This stuff is great! Soft streamer hair wing material with VERY fine fibers. Compared to 'other' synthetic streamer material, NEER HAIR is easier to work with. 11" long. (1)White, (2)Polar Bear, (3)Yellow, (4)Orange, (5)Gray, (6)Tan, (7)Brown, (8)Red, (9)Kelly Green, (10)Light Blue, (11)Olive, (12)Purple, (13)Black, (14)Lime, (15)Smoke Gray, (16)Shrimp Pink, (17)Fl. Orange, (18)Fl. Chartreuse, (19)Fl. Pink Regular was price $2.95, reduced to $1.50, while supplies last


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