REEL-E-GOOD Line Winder
REEL-E-GOOD Line Winder

REEL-E-GOOD Line Winder

Item #: FX004

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REEL-E-GOOD fly line AND backing winder Great for INSTANTLY cleaning, changing and storing fly lines. When I come in from fishing, I mount my reel in place, and with a pad, with or without line dressing, clean my line as I wind it onto the Winder-Spool. I then "polish-it" with or without the dressing as I wind the line back onto the reel (2-minutes!). The reel is back in my bag, ready to go. With SA "AST"- finish lines, just use the SA Cleaner pad. How easy can it get? A clean fly line floats high, and picks off the water so easy (not to mention longer life). AND LOOK: This outfit COMES WITH TWO LINE-WINDER SPOOLS for storing extra fly lines. NOTE: Our print catalog price is wrong ($64.95). Correct price is $54.95


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