Rock Treads
Rock Treads

Rock Treads

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Fry Kit $44.95
Pickle Kit $59.95


ROCK TREADS UNIVERSAL ALUMINUM TRACTION KITS - Simply screw in the US Patented ROCK TREAD discs in ANY pattern you choose for instant slip and environmental protection! Their Aircraft Grade Aluminum construction is softer than the rock you are stepping on. With just 50 pounds of pressure, Rock Treads discs will mold to each and every surface—providing simply the best wading traction possible. You simply screw the Rock Treads discs into the bottom of your current rubber-bottom wading shoe/boot. Choose your pattern—simply wet your bare foot and step on a dry piece of paper to identify your foots pressure points—and screw them in. ROCK TREADS go in simply with a pilot hole (drill bit provided), and a custom screw that doesn’t have a sharp point you can feel like other screw-in alternatives. Extraordinary traction in wet, slimy, rocky environments—with no felt! Drift boat safe. 100% Crafted and Made in the USA.

FRY KIT: For 1-pair of boots. Includes 18-Discs, 20-Screws, 1-Pilot Bit. $44.95

PICKLE KIT: For 1-2 pair of boots. Includes 28-Discs, 30-Screws and 1-Pilot Bit. $59.95

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