simms SIMMS Stone Cold Shirt
simms SIMMS Stone Cold Shirt

SIMMS Stone Cold Shirt

Item #: LX360

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SIMMS "STONE COLD" SHIRT is refrigerator-engineered to keep you comfortable when the fishing gets steamy. Cool Control fabric technology is arctic to the touch and absorbs and dissipates heat. Recycled jade crushed into a fine powder and implanted into the yarn powers this cool-to-the-touch fabric. This, combined with COR3 technology, gives you sun relief in a UPF-30 rated shirt that effectively puts heat on hiatus. Two fly-box-compatible zip-close chest pockets, under collar buttons and straight hem for wearing inside or out. Smooth, off-shoulder seams for added comfort. 50% Nylon/41% Polyester/9%CD blended fabric construction. Weight: 7.2-oz. COLORS: (1)Sandstone-Plaid, (2)Harbor-Blue-Plaid, (3)Celadon-Plaid in SIZES: S9chest 36"-38"), M(39-41), L(42-45), XL(46-48), XXL(49-51).

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