Dry Fly Hackles

Whiting Premium Capes
Item # TK001

WHITING PREMIUM DRY FLY CAPES - The INDUSTRY PREMIUM dry-fly hackle. You can expect MORE PREMIUM HACKLE per square inch than anything offered to date. Dense hackle means the cost-per-fly makes this the least expensive dry fly hackle available. Superior hackle with soft stems and stiff feather-fibers for stand up dry flies. COLORS: (1)Grizzly, (2)White, (3)Brown, (5)Med-Ginger, (6)Lt-Dun, (7)Med-Dun, (8)Dk-Dun, (9)Black, (10)Grizzly/Olive, (11)Lt-Ginger, (12)Barred-Dk-Ginger, (13)Golden-Badger, (14)Natural-Dun, (15)Grizzly/Dk-Olive, (16)Coachman-Brown, (17)Copper-Olive, (18)Golden-Brown, (19)Hi-Vis-Orange, (20)Hi-Vis-Chartreuse, (21)Hi-Vis-Pink.

Best to call for availability. (Whole Silver $90) (Half Silver $51.00) (Whole Bronze $60) (Half Bronze $34), (Whole Pro Grade $45), (Half Pro Grade $26)

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Whiting Bronze Cape Combo Starter
Item # TK0010

Bronze Combo Set: Half grizzly half brown... everything you need to get started.
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Whiting Midge Saddle
Item # TK003

WHITING MIDGE SADDLES 80% of the hackle will tye size-18 or smaller. COLORS: (1)Grizzly, (2)Black, (3)Med-Dun, (4)Dk-Dun, (5)Brown, (6)White, (7)Lt-Ginger, (8)Med-Ginger, (9)Barred-Dk-Ginger, (10)Grizzly/Olive, (11)Lt-Dun, (12)Grizzly/Dk-Olive, (13)Coachman-Brown (WHOLE SILVER-GRADE SADDLE $121), (HALF SILVER-GRADE SADDLE $69), (QTR SILVER-GRADE SADDLE $53), (WHOLE BRONZE-GRADE SADDLE $93), (HALF BRONZE-GRADE SADDLE $53), (QTR BRONZE-GRADE SADDLE $32), (WHOLE PRO-GRADE SADDLE $64), (HALF PRO-GRADE SADDLE $36)
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Whiting 100 Packs
Item # TK004

WHITING 100 PACKS - Highest quality Whiting saddle hackle PRE-GRADED for hook size. Each package contains enough hackle to ttye about 100 flies. The ultimate in convenience. COLORS: (1)Grizzly, (2)Brown, (3)White, (5)Golden-Badger, (6)Light-Ginger, (7)Med-Ginger, (8)Black, (9) Lt-Dun, (10)Med-Dun, (11)Dk-Dun, (12)Grizzly/Dk-Olive, (14)Grizzly/Golden-Straw, (15)Grizzly/Pale-Yellow, (16)Grizzly/March-Brown, (17)Grizzly/Burnt-Orange, (18)Olive-Copper, (19)Golden-Brown, (20)Barred-Dk-Ginger, (21)Nat-Dun-Grizzly, (22)Furnace, (23)Grizzly/Golden-Brown, (24)Golden-Straw, (25)Dk-Olive, (26)Coachman-Brown, (27)Hi-Vis-Orange, (28)Hi-Vis-Chartreuse, (29)Hi-Vis-Pink. SIZES: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22

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Whiting Cape "Introductory Hackle Pack"
Item # TK017

WHITING CAPE "INTRODUCTORY HACKLE PACKS" include four half capes! Great value for someone starting their dry fly tying career. These capes will tye a full range of sizes. Assorted colors, call for specifics.
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Metz 2 Saddle
Item # TK112

METZ #2 ROOSTER SADDLES - The Furnace used for Ed's F-C Crackleback in sizes-12 & 14, many dry-fly patterns in sizes 10, 12 and 14, Dry Stonefly fly patterns, Woolly-Buggers and more. COLORS: (1)Furnace/Brown (for F-C Crackleback), (2)Barred-Ginger (for Bill Miller's Crayfish), (3)Cream, (4)Med-Dun, (5)Black, (6)Lt-Blue-Dun, (7)Golden-Badger, (8)Silver-Badger, (9)Ginger, (10)Chocolate-Dun, (11)Cream-Dyed-Olive, (12)Grizzly, (13)Brown WHOLE SADDLE $45.95, HALF SADDLE $23.95 (best to call for specific color availability)

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Keough Grade-1 Grizzly Half Saddles
Item # TK150

KEOUGH GRADE-1 GRIZZLY HALF SADDLES fresh from the farm and now available in great dyed colors or au-naturale! The Grade-1 Saddles are gorgeous dry fly quality, and generally tye in the hook size 14-16 range. Tons of tying here for the $. COLORS: (1)Natural, (2)Dun, (3)Ginger, (Olive, (5)Yellow, (6)Brown
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Henrys Fork Hackle
Item # TM027

HENRY'S FORK HACKLE So easy to use. CDC feathers are twisted into a dubbing brush. Wrap it just like you would a feather-hackle. Tye CDC parachute patterns and emergers with the greatest of ease. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Brown, (3)Dk-Dun, (4)Lt-Dun, (5)Grizzly, (6)Tan/Ginger, (7)White, (8)Yellow, (9)Olive, (10)Natural, (11)Medium (Mottled)-Dun
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