Epoxies and Glue

Flex Coat 2 Part Rod Builders Epoxy
Item # CM001

FLEX-COAT 2-Part Rod Builders Epoxy 4-oz kit. High strength epoxy for gluing on reelseats, cork grips, butt-kits, caps, etc.
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Flex Coat 5 Minute Epoxy
Item # CM002

FLEX-COAT 2-Part 5-Minute Lure Maker's EPOXY 4-oz kit
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Flex Coat Lite Rod Finish
Item # CM003

FLEX-COAT "LITE" ROD Wrapping Finish with measuring syringes is a "THINNER" FLEX-COAT EPOXY. The favorite for covering thread wraps on guides, thread, designs, etc. Ultra-thin finish in multiple coats. 2-oz kit
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Original "High Build" Flex-Coat Rod Wrapping Finish
Item # CM004

ORIGINAL "HIGH-BUILD" FLEX-COAT Rod Wrapping Finish with measuring syringes. Get a professional finish in just one coat. 2-oz kit
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Flex Coat Tip Top Adhesive
Item # CM005

FLEX-COAT TIP-TOP GUIDE Adhesive Kit Glue-stick type. Install or replace tip-top guides in seconds. period
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Flex Coat Color Preserver
Item # CM006

FLEX-COAT "COLOR PRESERVER" protects thread-color when finishing. Strong, non-yellowing, great color retention and penetration of thread. 1-oz
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Epoxy Brush Cleaner
Item # CP001

EPOXY BRUSH CLEANER for cleaning liquid Flex-Coat from brushes. 4-oz
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