Gore Revivex
Item # LR001

GORE REVIVEX "Revives" the water-repellency of your GORETEX waders, pants jackets, etc. Also works on GORE Activent and Dryloft products. Easy instructions included. By reviving the water-repellency of your GORE product you will also restore its BREATHABILITY to like new! 5-oz bottle
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Loon Uv Wader Repair
Item # LR002

LOON_UV_WADER REPAIR Patch a torn or leaking wader ON THE STREAM in 30-seconds! Simply apply to torn or leaking area, hold in sunlight, and go back to fishing. Creates a permanent patch on neoprene's and a temporary patch on any Lightweight wader. 1/2-oz tube
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Item # LR003

AQUA-SEAL Urethane-Adhesive For Neoprene and Lightweight Wader Repair. Seals & Rebuilds. Permanent & Flexible. PLUS use it to attach Braided-loops to end of fly lines. (3/4-oz tube)
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Aquaseal & Cotol Combo
Item # LR004

AQUASEAL & COTOL-240 COMBO Aquaseal repairs tears and rips in dive equipment and watersports gear. Cotol-240 improves those repairs by cleaning the surface and speeding dry time to two hours. Donít let a rip or a tear stop you. Repair it fast with a combination of Aquaseal and Cotol-240 and keep your gear going as long as you do.
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Simms Gore-Tex Wader Repair Kit
Item # LR005

SIMMS GORE-TEX WADER REPAIR KIT Patch punctures or tears in your Gore-Tex waders. Includes patches and Aqua-Seal.
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NEW! Aquaseal "Compact Instant Wader Repair Kit"
Item # LR008

NEW! AQUASEAL "COMPACT INSTANT WADER REPAIR KIT" This ultra-compact take-along repair kit comes in a tube/case about 1" dia. by 3" long. Carry it in any pocket, or your glovebox for emergency use. REPAIRS GORE-TEX FABRIC AND ALL OTHER WADER MATERIALS IN 5-MINUTES OR LESS! Includes 1/4-oz Aquaseal, application brush & peel and stick patches to cover uncured Aquaseal-allowing waders to be used immediately. Expert repair guide included. Also works on tents, inflatable boats and boot repairs. $6.95
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