New Fly Fishing Gear

Aquapack Waterproof Phone/GPS Cases
Item # AQ012

NEW! AQUAPACK 100% WATERPROOF PHONE/GPS CASES - Highest quality 100% waterproof protection available for your expensive, and sometimes life-saving investment. Guaranteed submersible to 15-ft and keeps out the dust and sand. Use your equipment normally in the case-sound and signal pass right through it. GPS signal is unaffected, your touch screen works easily. Take photos and video through the ultra-clear optical quality LENZFLEX material rear window. Comes with neck cord. 3-yr warranty.


STANDARD (fits iPhone-6 and Galaxy S-4 thru 6, 3/8" x 4 1/8") $29.95

LARGE fits iPhone 6+, Galaxy Note and Edge+, (6 3/4" x 4 1/4") $34.95
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Arc Fluorocoat Tippet Material
Item # AR101

NEW! ARC FLUOROCOAT TIPPET MATERIAL is fly fishing's first fluorocarbon coated nylon tippet. This unique tippet combines the strength and suppleness of nylon with the durability and low visibility of fluorocarbon in a single line. Thanks to its high-grade fluorocarbon coating, ARC Fluorocoat maintains almost 100% of its strength in water. Superior knot strength, outstanding abrasion resistance, and a super smooth finish are other key benefits of this groundbreaking new tippet. SIZES: 7X(2.2-lb), 6X(3.1-lb), 5X(5-lb), 4X(6.4-lb), 3X(8-lb), 2X(9.5-lb), 1X(13-lb), 0X(15-lb). 40m spl
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Arc Camo Tippet Material
Item # AR102

NEW! ARC CAMO TIPPET MATERIAL is fly fishing industry's first multi-colored camouflage tippet, engineered to offer maximum invisibility in a wide range of fishing conditions. ARC Camo's unique color pattern reduces light transmission and blends with the natural background
environment making the line virtually invisible. SIZES: 7X(2.7-lb), 6X(3.6-lb), 5X(5-lb), 4X(6-lb), 3X(7.3-lb), 2X(9-lb), 1X(11.5-lb), 0X(13-lb). 40m spl
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Arc 99 Leaders (3 PACK)
Item # AR103

NEW! ARC99 LEADERS- 3-PAK - An ideal 9-foot all-purpose freshwater leader, extruded using precision, state-of-the-art methods and the highest quality copolymers available. A powerful butt section seamlessly transitions into the supple tippet taper. This allows for greater energy
transfer, resulting in improved accuracy, excellent turnover and life-like fly presentation. Strong and abrasion-resistant. SIZES: 7X(2.7-lb), 6X(3.4-lb), 5X(5-lb), 4X(6.4-lb), 3X(8.2-lb), 2X(10-lb), 1X(13-lb), 0X(15-lb). 3-pak
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Arc Fluoro Nxt High Strength Tippet Material
Item # AR104

NEW! ARC FLUORO NXT HIGH-STRENGTH TIPPET MATERIAL - ARC Fluoro NXT utilizes the latest in PVDF copolymer materials and a state-of-the-art extrusion process to produce a superior 100% fluorocarbon tippet. It is virtually invisible in water, maintains ultra-consistent diameter, strength and suppleness when wet, and outstanding abrasion resistance and knot strength. Controlled low-stretch for improved feel and hook set. Color coded retainer bands for easy I.D. SIZES: 0X(13.2 lb, 1X(12 lb), 2X(9.5 lb), 3X(8.3 lb), 4X(6 lb), 5X(5 lb), 6X(3.6 lb), 7X(2.6 lb). 40m spl
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Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet Material
Item # GF030

NEW! RIO POWERFLEX PLUS TIPPET MATERIAL - Strongest strength to diameter ratio of any nylon tippet material ever made, with no compromise in knot strength or suppleness. 7X(2.75-lb), 6X(4-lb), 5X(6-lb), 4X(7.5-lb), 3X(9.5-lb), 2X(12-lb), 1X(15-lb), 0X(18-lb). $9.95/50-yd spl
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Rio Powerflex Plus Leader
Item # GF031

NEW! RIO "POWERFLEX PLUS" TAPERED LEADER - Strongest trout leaders ever made. High performance taper for strong turn-over with a supple, high knot strength tippet. Available in (A)7-1/2', (B)9', and (C)12' lengths with TIPPET SIZES: 7X(2.75-lb), 6X(4-lb), 5X(6-lb), 4X(7.5-lb), 3X(9.5-lb), 2X(12-lb), 1X(15-lb), 0X(18-lb). 2-PAK
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Rio Steelhead/Salmon Tapered Leader
Item # GF032

IMPROVED: RIO KNOTLESS STEELHEAD/SALMON TAPERED LEADER - Medium-stiff nylon with powerful taper design for propelling large flies and coping with tough winds. New stealth Glacial-Green color. LENGTHS: (A)9', (B)12' in SIZES: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20-lb
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Rio Hand-Tied Tarpon Pro Leader
Item # GF033

NEW! RIO HAND-TIED "TARPON PRO" 10-FOOT TARPON LEADERS - Heavy butt-section with rear loop. Tied with 100% strength knots and Fluorocarbon shock tippets. SPECIFY: 20-lb or 30-lb Class with either 60-lb or 80-lb Shock. 2-PAK
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Rio Steelhead/Salmon Tippet
Item # GF035

IMPROVED! RIO STEELHEAD/SALMON TIPPET MATERIAL - Medium stiff tippet marerial that's ideal for salmon, steelhead and spey. For 2016 RIO has changed this material to a glacial green color to better blend into the water. SIZES: 8-lb, 10-lb, 12-lb, 16-lb, 20-lb (30-yd spl)
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Rio Bass Tippet
Item # GF036

RIO BASS TIPPET MATERIAL is a medium stiff tippet material with great abrasion resistance. It is ideal for casting bigger flies like Clouser minnows and poppers, and tough enough to withstand being scraped over rocks and submerged trees. SIZES: 8-lb, 10-lb, 12-lb, 16-lb (30-yd spl)
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Rio Saltwater Shock Tippet
Item # GF037

RIO SALTWATER SHOCK TIPPET -Made with an ultra hard, heavy, shock tippet material. Available in 30 lb - 100 lbs, the Saltwater Heavy Shock also features bite resistant nylon, making it the perfect option Tarpon and Billfish. SIZES: 30-lb, 40-lb, 50-lb, 60-lb, 80-lb, 100-lb (60-ft spl)
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