New Fly Fishing Gear

Abel Pliers
Item # AB200

NEW DESIGN! ABEL PLIERS - Machined from high tensile strength aluminum, then anodized Hi-Gloss Black. Hard working tools built for a lifetime of use. The incredibly tough jaws are replaceable if you should ever damage them, as are the built-in cutters. Jaws are spring-loaded. These pliers will pinch a barb down on your favorite trout fly or remove a hook from a marlin, cut average mono or 250-lb braided wire PLUS open your favorite beer or pop bottle with the bottle-opener built into its handle. 6.5" long, 4.1-oz. Standard color is Gloss-Black. Other colors and Abel fish graphics are available at an upcharge. Sheath and Spring Lanyard sold separately.
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Abel Hand-Tooled Buffalo Hide Sheath
Item # AB201

NEW! ABEL HAND-TOOLED BUFFALO HIDE SHEATH for ABEL PLIERS - BISON LEATHER CONSTRUCTION is more supple and water resistant than the original leather sheaths.
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F-C Sinking Bulwhipp Furled Leader
Item # GC022

NEW! F-C "SINKING BULWHIPP" FLUOROCARBON TAPERED FURLED LEADER BUTT-SECTIONS are 5-feet long. Add 3-feet of tippet for an 8-foot overall leader system. Designed to turn over BIG flies and poppers for fresh or saltwater. This thing "whips" a popper out there like nothing else can. PIKE FLY FISHERS DELIGHT. Use with 7 to 10-wt rods.
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F-C Sinking Saltwater Furled Leader
Item # GC023

NEW! F-C "SINKING SALTWATER" FLUOROCARBON TAPERED FURLED LEADER BUTT-SECTION are 6' long. Add 3' of tippet material for a 9' overall leader system. Designed for redfish, snook, striper, bluefish, ladyfish, sea-trout and all other general species encountered while fly fishing the salt. Use with 7 to 10-wt rods.
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F-C Sinking Bonefish Furled Leader
Item # GC024

NEW! F-C "SINKING BONEFISH" FLUOROCARBON TAPERED FURLED LEADER BUTT-SECTION in two lengths. We added these specifically for bonefish on 3-feet and deeper flats (ala Andros Island West Side). Add three feet or more of your favorite tippet. Use with 7 to 9-wt rods. LENGTH: 7 or 9-feet.
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Rio Steelhead/Salmon Tapered Leader
Item # GF032

IMPROVED: RIO KNOTLESS STEELHEAD/SALMON TAPERED LEADER - Medium-stiff nylon with powerful taper design for propelling large flies and coping with tough winds. New stealth Glacial-Green color. LENGTHS: (A)9', (B)12' in SIZES: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20-lb
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Rio Steelhead/Salmon Tippet
Item # GF035

IMPROVED! RIO STEELHEAD/SALMON TIPPET MATERIAL - Medium stiff tippet marerial that's ideal for salmon, steelhead and spey. For 2016 RIO has changed this material to a glacial green color to better blend into the water. SIZES: 8-lb, 10-lb, 12-lb, 16-lb, 20-lb (30-yd spl)
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Rio Bass Tippet
Item # GF036

RIO BASS TIPPET MATERIAL is a medium stiff tippet material with great abrasion resistance. It is ideal for casting bigger flies like Clouser minnows and poppers, and tough enough to withstand being scraped over rocks and submerged trees. SIZES: 8-lb, 10-lb, 12-lb, 16-lb (30-yd spl)
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Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet
Item # GF038

RIO TWO-TONE INDICATOR TIPPET - Opaque two tone 8-inch sections of fluorescent pink and fluorescent chartreuse color changing tippet with highly defined hard color changes. These color breaks create maximum contrast to allow anglers to get visual cues when tight line nymphing. The best indicator material for building sighters for European Style Nymphing. SIZES: 4X(6-lb), 3X(7-lb), 2X(8.5-lb), 1X(11-lb) (30-yd spl)
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Rio Saltwater Mono Tippet Material
Item # GF041

NEW! RIO SALTWATER MONO TIPPET MATERIAL - Go-to choice for anglers looking to tie their own saltwater leaders. Great strength-to-dia ratio, abrasion resistance with low memory and incredible knot-ability. SIZES: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60-lb. (50-yd spl)

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Rio Knotless Redfish/Seatrout 9-Foot Tapered Leader
Item # GF042

NEW! RIO KNOTLESS REDFISH/SEATROUT 9-FOOT TAPERED LEADERS - Designed for Redfish Sea Trout and other similar species. Med-stiff material to turn over Clouser Minnows and other typical flies in a saltwater wind. Great abrasion resistance. SIZES: 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30-lb.
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Umpqua "Parrott's Euro Nymph" Leader
Item # GG011

NEW! UMPQUA "PARROTT'S EURO NYMPH" LEADER - Steve Parrot's hand tied, signature design features a long power taper butt-section attached to a shorter section of Indicator Tippet with a 2mm ring on the end of it. A surgeon's loop is then used to tie two sections of Super Fluorocarbon Tipper Material while leaving an 8-inch dropper tag between sections. TWO SIZES FOR DIFFERENT ROD LENGTHS: (A)15', (B)18' in TIPPET SIZES: 4X(6lb), 5X(5ib), 6X(3.5lb)
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