Frog Hair Mono Leader

Item #GK320

FROG-HAIR "HIGH PERFORMANCE KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS" Made using Gamma's exclusive irradiation process to increase elasticity, knot strength and breaking strength, these leaders are the first available with either a supple or stiff butt section. Both versions have a supple tip to deliver a soft, stealthy turn-over, and a natural, drag-free presentation. The SUPPLE BUTT provides the softest, most delicate overall presentation, while the STIFF BUTT performs better when you need to punch through a wind or when fishing large water with heavier flies. 9.5-foot leaders with perfection loop in butt end. TIPPET SIZES: 0X(13.2-lb), 1X(11-lb), 2X(8.8-lb), 3X(6.6-lb), 4X(5.5-lb), 5X(4.4-lb), 6X(3.3-lb), 7X(2.2-lb). SPECIFY SUPPLE or STIFF BUTT.

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