Umpqua Pro Guide Box Medium

Item #HG069

UPG 508 FLY BOX - Medium 6" x 4" x 1.5". Holds up to 508 flies. COLORS: (1)Graphite, (2)Orange, (3)Lime

UMPQUA PRO GUIDE "UPG" FLY BOXES Product developers at Umpqua asked guides, competitive anglers and fly shop owners (us) what features we wanted designed into a fly box... AND THEY BUILT IT. These UPG Boxes are extremely durable and super lightweight with waterproof seals to protect your fly investment in case there's a "dunk". PRECISION DUAL-SLOTTED SLIT-FOAM "FLY STATIONS" firmly hold flies in place, and allow for plenty of hackle clearance when carrying large dry flies. Simply back flies into their "slots" and they are held firmly in place with no damage to the foam. See-through lids allow for quick fly identification. And there's nothing flimsy feeling about these boxes. Solid construction with metal hinge-pin, boxes pop open and closed with authority, everything first class.

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