The Waters Of Greenstone: The Long Way Home

Item #KD120

"THE WATERS OF GREENSTONE: THE LONG WAY HOME" - Spectacular HD footage of two young fly fishers living out their lifelong dream. Experience New Zealand like never seen before, absolutely breathtaking rivers and scenery. Captures the four-month expedition of two long time friends exploring the mystical rivers, mountains, & backcountry of the South Island. Enjoy stunning HD cinematography as the two friends fly-fish for the world's most elusive trout, backpack into New Zealand's most remote areas, mountaineer in the Southern Alps, while encountering monumental obstacles along the way. If you want to experience an adventure of a lifetime, then this film is for you. Tons of fish porn, and if this movie doesn't make you want to re-live your early 20's, you don't have a pulse. 62 min DVD. Outstanding!

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