Mastering The Dead Drift: Indicator Nymphing Simplified & Perfected.

Item #KD144

NEW DVD! "MASTERING THE DEAD DRIFT -INDICATOR NYMPHING SIMPLIFIED AND PERFECTED" by Aaron Jasper - Indicator-style nymphing enables anglers to present small flies to heavily pressured fish with precision. Rigging, casting, mending, fly and weight selection as well as several scenarios are covered. The casting and ending segments were filmed in slow motion with voice overs to enable viewers to easily learn the techniques. The rigging itself is at the heart of the "Dead Drift" technique, and variations on the rig depend on water type, depth, and speed. Shows you the leader needed to indicator nymph. Weight and fly selection are also covered, plus casting and mending techniques. Several on-stream scenarios bring it all together. 215-min DVD

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