Mp Select Cdc Feathers

Item #RP016

SPECIAL MP SELECT CDC FEATHERS As seen in the DVD and the best we've ever offered! CDC is a favorite material used with THE MAGIC TOOL... Someone in Switzerland must be going batty hand-sorting these "giant" CDC feathers. The colors are dyed to European specs, so I list the Euro and USA color names together where there are discrepancies, i.e. Euro-Color/USA-Color. COLORS: (1)Blue-Dun, (2)Lt-Mallow/Lt-Dun, (3)Pink/Salmon-Pink, (4)Cream/Tan, (5)White, (6)Black/Natural-Black, (7)Beige/Natural-Mallard-Grey, (8)Olive/Brown-Olive, (9)Yellow/Golden-Olive, (10)Lt-Yellow/Bright-Yellow, (11)Fl-Red, (12)Fl-Green, (13)Fl-Blue/Lt-Blue, (14)Red/Rust, (15)Dirty-Yellow/Pale-Olive. A big pack!

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