Renzetti "Black-Out" Traveler Vise

Item #RR058

RENZETTI "BLACK-OUT" TRAVELER VISE - This completely BLACK anodized Traveler has a gorgeous stealth look for those that like something just a little bit different than the crowd. Feature a smooth operating Cam-Lever Jaw, adjustable tension crank rotary arm, rotary head and bobbin cradle, with your choice of either a black powder coated c-clamp or pedestal base. Hold hooks from big 4/0 to tiny size-28 in case-hardened black-oxide coated steel jaws. Instructions & 1-year warranty. NOTICE: I consider this to be one of the finest fly tying vises ever made. I'm still tying on one of the first Traveler's ever made. I tye trout flies in sizes-6 thru 26, smallmouth patterns in sizes-2 & 4...Bob. SPECIFY RIGHT OR LEFT HAND TYER.

Starting At: $199.95

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