Whiting Hen Capes

Item #TK020

NEW COLORS! WHITING HEN CAPES - The most beautiful available for upright wings on dry flies. These feathers can also be wrapped as soft-hackle, and the larger feathers at the top of the cape make gorgeous trout size "Matukas". NATURAL COLORS: (1)Grizzly, (2)White, (3)Brown, (4)Lt-Ginger, (5)Med-Ginger, (6)Pale-Watery-Dun, (7)Natural-Dun, (8)Black, DYED COLORS: (9)Grizzly-Olive/Dk Olive, (10)Grizzly-Brown/Coachman, (11)Lt-Dun, (12)Med-Dun, (call for availability)

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