Tanned Canadian Pine Squirrel Half Hide

Item #TM048

NEW COLOR! TANNED CANADIAN PINE SQUIRREL "1/2-HIDES" These hides are "STRIPPED" long-ways. These thin strips are excellent for tying Mini Zonkers. Also, the very soft under fur and soft "speckled" guard-hair can be cut from the hide and "finger blended" to create a beautiful dubbing used to tye the F-C PINE SQUIRREL NYMPH (see pattern sheet TM049). COLORS: (1)Natural, (2)Crawdad-Orange, (3)Brown, (4)Olive, (5)Black, (6)Sculpin-Olive, (7)Fl-Chartreuse, (8)Rust, (9)Red, (10)Purple, (11)Tan, (12)Claret, (13)Lt-Olive, (14)Leech-Red Beautiful tanned 1/2 hide

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