Krystal Flash

Item #TU030

KRYSTAL FLASH Everybody's favorite fine synthetic crinkly-hair with highlights like "rice-lights". Use with other "hairs", natural & synthetic to highlight winging and tailing. SOLID-COLORS: (1)Silver, (2)Gold, (3)Red, (4)Green, (5)Royal-Blue, (7)Lt-Blue, (8)Copper, (9) Alaskan-Fuchsia, (10)Rainbow. PEARLESCENT COLORS: (11)Pearl, (12)Pink, (13)Hot-Yellow, (14)Purple, (15)Mixed-Colors, (16)Pearl-Blue, (17)Black, (18)Hot-Orange, (19)Peacock, (20)Lime-Green, (21)Olive, (22)Smolt-Blue, (23)Grey-Ghost, (24)Dk-Purple, (25)Root-Beer, (26)Pearl-Red, (27)Bonefish-Pink, (28)Bonefish-Tan, (29)Med-Brown, (30)Rusty-Brown. FLUORESCENT COLORS: (31)Fl-Orange, (32)Fl-Cerise, (33)Fl-Fire-Orange, (34)Fl-Shrimp-Pink, (35)Fl-Chart, (36)Fl-Yellow. ULTRA-VIOLET COLORS: (37)UV-Blue, (38)UV-Gray, (39)UV-Herring-Back, (40)UV-Orange, (41)UV-Pink, (42)UV-Purple, (43)UV-Tan, (44)UV-Pearl $3.95/PAK OR Any 5-PAKS $18.95

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