Fish With Us

Feather-Craft has been hosting fishing trips worldwide for over 25 years. These trips give us the opportunity to test drive some of the industry‚Äôs newest gear right alongside our longtime customers and friends.  

We have hosted trips to locations like the Bahamas, Christmas Island, Chile, Brazil, and more. While the international trips are great, we understand they are not for everyone and are looking forward to bringing a variety of trips here in the States for species such as steelhead, carp, musky, smallmouth, redfish, and pike.

To find out more about these trips and to get updates on our hosted trips in the future, keep an eye on this page, and sign up for our email specials, as we announce upcoming trips via email.

Upcoming Trips

June, 2018
We are headed back to Beaver Island, MI, for carp and smallmouth in 2018.
Get the details and more information here.

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