Tibor Fly Reels

Item #TV101

TIBOR LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS by Ted Juracsik (maker of the legendary Billy Pate fly reels). These reels have been fished, and proven, around the world for everything from redfish and bonefish, to BIG tarpon, travelly, tuna and billfish. Reels feel extremely lightweight regardless of size, and have all of the large-arbor features. Machined bar-stock. Very-large compression cork disk-drag allows for low start-up inertia, plus rim-control drag. Spool rides on stainless-steel bearings. Machined holes in reel-foot are built-in hook keepers. Holes drilled around rim of reel serve as tippet keepers. Recessed drag-knob on housing-side of reel. Easy-change retrieve. SPECIFY: Jet-Black or Satin-Gold. See www.tiborreel.com for additional colors (10% surcharge). NOTE: The RIPTIDE, GULFSTREAM and PACIFIC have two different capacity spools to choose from.

Optional, Award Winning TIBOR "SPEED-HANDLE"increases the speed of your line retrieve up to one-third! Even Large-Arbor reels have trouble keeping up with hard-charging fish like tuna, tarpon and bonefish. After a deep dive or long run, they'll turn and come racing back towards you. Suddenly, you can't take up line fast enough. That's where the SPEED-HANDLE comes into play. Use the standard handle for power, long runs or deep dives; switch to the SPEED-HANDLE when they turn and charge. Available as an option on new TIBOR reels and spools. Add $49.95 to prices below. (Cannot be retrofit to existing reels or spools.)

Starting At: $640.00
Satin Gold

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