Flymen Fishing Company FISH SKULL Captain Dubiel's Pop-N-Fly
Flymen Fishing Company FISH SKULL Captain Dubiel's Pop-N-Fly

FISH SKULL Captain Dubiel's Pop-N-Fly

Item #: HD580

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Small (for 7-9 weight rods) $6.95
Large (for 9-12 weight rods) $6.95


FISH SKULL 'CAPTAIN DUBIEL'S POP-N-FLY RIG' - While originally designed for redfish, the Pop-N-Fly Rig has proved to be effective for numerous other saltwater and freshwater species, including speckled trout, false albacore, cobia, trevally striped bass, smallmouth bass, lake trout, and more. A lightweight foam cylinder with an embedded articulated shank enables it to be attached between the leader and the tippet. The tippet is typically about 20 inches long to which the fly (a baitfish pattern) is attached. The Pop-N-Fly Rig suspends the fly below the surface and when stripped it 'pops-and-splashes' causing a commotion on the surface that attracts predatory fish. They see the fly suspended helplessly below for an easy meal. One Chartreuse and one Orange per pack. SIZES: Small (for 7-9 wt rods), Large (for 9-12 wt)


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