Kiff KIFF Strike Indicator
Kiff KIFF Strike Indicator

KIFF Strike Indicator

Item #: HD480

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$5.95 - $6.95 5.95 6.95
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Pink (3-pak) $5.95
White (3-pak) $5.95
Orange (3-pak) $5.95
Yellow (3-pak) $5.95
Mixed Colors (4-pak) $6.95


KIFF Strike Indicator - The Finesse Strike Indicator is an ultra-light, ultra-sensitive, loop-on New Zealand style yarn strike indicator featuring a no-slip silicone loop that makes securing the Finesse Strike Indicator to your leader easy, while not damaging the leader at all.

This Finesse Strike Indicator lands on the water softly, making it perfect for small spring creeks and medium sized rivers full of spooky fish. COLORS: (1)Pink, (2)White, (3)Orange, (4)Yellow, (5)Mixed


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