Abel 9/10N La Reel with Musky Finish
Item # 500729

NEW! ABEL SUPER 9/10N LA REEL with MUSKY FINISH - The new Abel 2015 Musky finish has arrived! This 9/10N Large Arbor Reel will hold up to 175-yds of 30-pound backing with a 10-weight line. 4.22-inch diameter, weighs 6.8-ounces. Serial #8090.
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Abel Super 6N Reel with Smallmouth Finish
Item # 500890

NEW! ABEL SUPER 6N LA REEL with SMALLMOUTH FINISH - The new Abel 2015 Smallmouth finish has arrived! This 6N Large Arbor Reel will hold up to 150-yds of 20-pound backing with a 6-weight line. 3.650-inch diameter, weighs 5.6-ounces. Serial #2102.
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Abel Super-Series Qc Fly Reels
Item # AB102

ABEL "SUPER-SERIES QC" LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - These world famous reels are now available with Quick-Change Spools for those that change lines often on the water. Simply back off the drag knob, push in and rotate the center cap for the quickest spool release ever. Three sizes available now, 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10.

NOTE: New 5/6 Model now available. 6.2-oz, 3.50" Dia., Capacity: WF5F & 125-yds 20# Backing.
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Abel "TR" Series Fly Reels
Item # AB103

ABEL "TR" SERIES TROUT FLY REELS - The most overlooked reel in the Abel line, possibly in all of trout fishing! Ventilated lightweight reels precision machined from bar-stock aluminum. Hard-anodized ABEL "Coral-Black" finish. Rosewood handle, and rosewood "insert" on back of reel housing (beautiful). Spring and pawl click-drag system with internal hex-nut adjustment PLUS rim-control drag. Note: The TR-L does not have an adjustable drag.

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Abel Spey Reel
Item # AB105

NEW! ABEL SPEY REEL - To meet the demands of steelhead, salmon and other big water anglers using Spey techniques, our friends at ABEL have come up with the definitive tool: the Abel Spey Reel. It has been engineered, machined and anodized meticulously as you would expect, but also created with a specific design and capacity aimed at long-rod anglers. Featuring a fully enclosed frame and Abel's time-tested adjustable pawl-click drag, the reel is styled in an "old school" fashion, reminiscent of classic European spey reels, but with a craftsmanship only possible in a made-in-the-USA version. But more than just being a "good looker," it's the perfect instrument for Pacific Northwest steelheading or classic Atlantic salmon, with a drag capable of putting a big hurt on these hard-running fish. 3.9" diameter, 9.0-ounces. Capacity: designed to match with 8-10 wt spey lines. Reel in photo is shown with custon "Olive" finish. STANDARD FINISHES: Hi-Gloss Black or Matte-Black. CUSTOM SOLID COLOR FINISHES: add $75. FISH & ARTISTIC-ANODIZED FINISHES: add $200
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Abel Switch Reel
Item # AB106

NEW! ABEL SWITCH REEL - The baby-brother to the Abel Spey Reel is the new Abel Switch reel, designed to be the best all-around tool for those switch-casters looking for the perfect reel for the job. Sized to fit the lighter spey and Skagit lines preferred on these versatile rods, the new Switch reel offers the right size, capacity, and super-strong drag Abel is renowned for. The pawl-click drag is full adjustable, surrounded by proven Abel corrosion-resistant anodized enclosed frame along with that sleek Abel made-in-the-USA feel. 3.7" diameter, 8.5-ounces. Capacity: designed for 5-7 wt spey lines. Reel in photo is shown with custon "Olive" finish. STANDARD FINISHES: Hi-Gloss Black or Matte-Black. CUSTOM SOLID COLOR FINISHES: add $75. FISH & ARTISTIC-ANODIZED FINISHES: add $200
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Abel 'SD' Sealed Drag Fly Reel
Item # AB107

NEW! ABEL 'SD' SEALED-DRAG FLY REELS feature a lightweight, maintenance-free, fully enclosed drag mechanism. A collaborative effort with Oregon reel designer Joe Saracione, the drag consists of "stacked" multi-discs of prime grade machined aluminum and Rulon with ay gasket seal that completely locks out moisture. Incredibly low startup inertia to protect fine tippets, with plenty of power to tame the fastest running game fish. These reels are impeccably machined from bar stock aluminum and hard anodized. Standard color is Gloss-Black, custom colors and Artistic finishes are available with upcharge. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty.
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Abel Dancing Bears Fly Reel
Item # AB150

ABEL GRATEFUL DEAD "DANCING BEARS" SUPER-SERIES FLY REELS - Individually hand painted and numbered, these collector reels honor the iconic Grateful Dead "DANCING BEARS" design. We currently have the 7/8N sizes in stock and ready to ship. These reels are the second release in the series, the first was the "Steel Your Face" logo in 2013. (7/8N $1050, one available)
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